Moving MarketPlaces (MMP): Following the Everyday Production of Inclusive Public Spaces
Project responsable Janine Dahinden
Team member Joanna Menet
Abstract While most research focuses on how marketplaces are consumed, MMP concentrates on the actors that make markets work: the merchants. Investigating both rural and urban marketplaces across four countries (Spain/Switzerland/the Netherlands/UK), MMP not only pays attention to merchants’ place-making capacities, but also to their mobility practices. Following merchants from market to market, this translocal perspective helps to deepen theoretical and empirical understandings of how marketplaces are produced as inclusive spaces.

The collaborative research project is part of the HERA Joint Research Programme “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe”.
Keywords public spaces, mobility, market
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Social Anthropology
Method of financing HERA
Status Ongoing
Start of project 31-5-2019
End of project 31-5-2022
Contact Joanna Menet