Swiss Guestbook Project
Abstract The Swiss Guestbook Project is a cultural heritage project whose aim is to preserve and study historic guestbooks (Fremdenbuch, registres or livres d’or) produced in Switzerland and in the Alps before 1914. A doctoral student will research and write a thesis-length study of nineteenth-century visitor books, and the two associated PI will publish two related articles.
We also wish to identify and digitize these heritage objects in order to create an electronic platform that will allow specialists and the general public alike to learn more about the history and culture of travel in Switzerland and the Alps.
Keywords history of travel and tourism, Switzerland, Alps
Project homepage http://www.swissguestbookproject.ch
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area histoire, littérature, géographie culturelle
Method of financing FNS
Status Ongoing
Start of project 1-2-2018
End of project 1-2-2022
Overall budget 244'884
Contact Patrick Vincent