Nanostructured Materials Containing Organoruthenium Clusters and Ruthenium Nanoparticles in Organized Organic Mesophases
Responsable du projet Georg Süss Fink
Robert Deschenaux
Collaborateur Michael Gras
Farooq Ahmad Khan
Résumé The present research project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of new nanostructured materials based on organoruthenium clusters and on ruthenium nanoparticles with liquid-crystalline properties thanks to organized organic mesophases. Background Nanosized molecular materials, structured by self-organization, have raised much interest because of their unique properties and their potential applications. For such materials, functional qualities such as optoelectric, magnetic or catalytic properties can be introduced by transition metals, while the self-organization can be induced by mesogenic ligands. Aim We propose to synthesize nanostructured molecular architectures that contain dinuclear ruthenium cluster cores with dendritic side-chains as well as metallic ruthenium nanoparticles stabilized in nematic or smectic phases. We intend to study the mesophase transitions, the self-organisation phenomena as well as the optoelectric and catalytic properties of these new materials. Based on promising results obtained in the starting phase, this project intends to combine forces in the fields of organic synthesis, organometallic coordination and self-organization in order to design nanostructured molecules and mesogen-stabilized metallic nanoparticles that are mesomorphic and exhibit interesting physical properties. Significance This joint project in inorganic and organic chemistry, corresponding to a "bottom-up" approach to nanomaterials, reflects a strategic decision to orient the chemistry in Neuchâtel, on a long term basis, towards nanosciences and to intensify the interactions with microtechnology.
Mots-clés Organometallic mesogens, Arene ruthenium complexes, Organometaloic mesogens, Dinuclear clusters, Ruthenium nanoparticles, Dentritic ligands, Self-organization, Catalysis, Optoelectric properties
Type de projet Recherche fondamentale
Domaine de recherche Chimie inorganique
Source de financement FNS - Encouragement de projets (Div. I-III)
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 1-4-2009
Fin du projet 30-9-2011
Budget alloué 191'388.00
Autre information http://p3.snf.ch/projects-124388#
Contact Georg Süss-Fink