The end of the ICE age: The economics of green transport and pollution abatement
Directeur de la thèse Mehdi Farsi
Résumé I present three papers that each explore different aspects of the global green transport revolution – the electrification of the transport sector. Overall, I analyse how to most efficiently and effectively facilitate the technological transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and encourage consumer adoption of electric private and public transport. Specifically, Paper 1 investigates the impact of the network of charging infrastructure on electric vehicle (EV) purchases. I show that the charger net- work has a significant impact on EV purchases and can help overcome consumers’ range anxiety. Paper 2 analyses consumer decision-making in relation to electric vehicles and transport mode choice. I demonstrate a number of psychological sticking points in the mobility decision-making process and that sunk costs and commitments are an important consideration for the average consumer. Paper 3 will focus on one of two current options. Option 1 is the distributional and welfare effects of EV subsidies. Given the availability of data, I will analyse California’s low-income targeted EV subsidy to demonstrate how this decreases the program’s regressivity, and increases EV and abatement additionality, increasing cost-effectiveness. Option 2 is the quantification of a demand model for mo- bility with modern green technological options. This will provide estimates of future mobility demand patterns across consumer segments and attitudes, and accounting for inter-temporal commitments.
Mots-clés echnology adoption; Consumer behaviour; Electric vehicles; Public trans- port; Charging infrastructure; Network externality; Range anxiety; Energy transition; Environmental policy; Energy Policy
Type de projet Recherche de thèse
Domaine de recherche Applied microeconomics; Energy economics; Environmental economics; Transport; Pollution
Etat En cours
Début de projet 1-7-2018
Fin du projet 1-5-2022
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