Overcoming Bureaucratic Discrimination Against Mobile EU Citizens
Project responsable Anita Manatschal
Project partner Eva Thomann
Oliver James
Carolin Rapp
Christian Adam
Abstract Bureaucratic discrimination, consisting of departures from formal laws and rules that systematically advantage or disadvantage individual clients or client groups based on criteria such as ethnicity, race, nationality, or gender, constitutes an important obstacle to equality before the law and democracy, with far-reaching societal consequences. Based on the German case, this pilot project examines to what extent bureaucrats share discriminatory attitudes with the population, and how to prevent bureaucratic discrimination against mobile EU citizens.
Keywords discrimination, EU citizens, mobility, street-level bureaucrats
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Migration policy
Method of financing FNS (NCCR on the move)
Status Completed
Start of project 1-11-2019
End of project 31-5-2020
Overall budget 50000
Contact Anita Manatschal