Small Localities at the Outskirts of Europe: Transnational Mobilities, Diversification and Multi-Scalar Place-Making
Project responsable Tania Zittoun
Janine Dahinden
Team member Emmanuel Charmillot
Abstract Research on the Migration-Mobility Nexus has mainly focused on global cities embedded in globalized neoliberal economies and transnational spaces. These studies have two limitations. First, they ignore the transformation engaged outside urban centers. Second, the size and complexity of large urban cities obscure the dynamics by which diverse forms of mobility generate social diversity, and how, in turn, these participate to social transformation.

Consequently, we propose to study these questions at the scale of small localities villages, conglomerations of villages, or valleys at the outskirts of Europe, including their entire population (migrants and non-migrants, mobile as well as non-mobile people). We investigate all forms of mobilities coexisting in one small locality (internal out- and immigration, tourism, old-age-retired expats, sedentary and commuters, international migrants, mobile business people, refugees, etc.).

As a whole, we aim to understand how these types of dynamics transnational, in terms of boundary work, and in terms of individual live trajectories enable, constrain, guide, or open new possibilities for each other. Our overall objective is to develop an integrative theoretical model to understand new facets of the Migration-Mobility Nexus and current globalizing forces. In order to develop a comparative analysis, we plan to conduct four case studies in Switzerland, in Greece, in the Czech Republic and in Denmark.
Keywords Mobility; case studies; transnationalism; boundary work; lifecourse
Project homepage http://nccr-onthemove.ch/projects/small-localities-at-the...
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Interdisicplinary
Method of financing FNS - NCCR On the move
Status Ongoing
Start of project 1-10-2018
End of project 31-9-2022
Contact Tania Zittoun