AGILE - Ages for learning and growth: sociocultural perspectives
Project responsable Tania Zittoun
Michèle Grossen
Abstract AGILE studies learning as situated activity in people with maturity. The group examines how age has been conceptualized in research and practice. It also examines learning in mature people, at the scale of situated activities in transitions between activities and living conditions, or as it takes place when reexamining one’s life-course - because of voluntary or imposed changing life circumstances.
Keywords Ageing, transition, development, sociocultural psychology
Project homepage http://https://www.earli.org/earli-centre-innovative-rese...
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Psychology Education
Method of financing EARLI - European Association for Research on Learning and instruction
Status Completed
Start of project 1-1-2015
End of project 31-12-2019
Additional info Scientific network
Contact Tania Zittoun