Les migrations des professionnels hautement qualifiés au croisement de deux perspectives de recherche : transnationalisme et genre
Project responsable Mihaela Nedelcu
Abstract This study aims at combining gender and transnational approaches in order to develop new perspectives of highly skilled Romanian migrations to Canada. If both transnational approaches and gender issues gained great attention in migration studies during the last two decades, interest for the transnational mobility of the highly qualified women is still very marginal in social sciences. My PhD thesis highlights that the highly skilled Romanian female migrants are not only (almost) as numerous as the men are, but they are also highly qualified in professional fields considered of male preponderance (engineering, information technology, telecommunication). In the same time, compared to their masculine counterparts, female migrants are confronted with more rigid and discriminatory structural barriers restricting the access to the Canadian labour market. This involves differentiated professional strategies, generates innovative transnational dynamics and enables new transnational habitus and social reproduction. This research project draws on preliminary results developed in my PhD thesis. It aims to give new depth to the work already accomplished by integrating gender lens to the analytical framework. This perspective will underline the specific roles and participation of female migrants in professional networks, community dynamics and transnational socialisation. The analysis of emerging social phenomena as a consequence of a highly qualified female migration will significantly contribute to the comprehension of new migratory dynamics of highly skilled professionals within a gender approach and thus, to fill important gaps in migrations studies.
Keywords Transnationalism, gender and migration, highly skilled female migrations, Romanian post-communist migration, transnational habitus.
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area sociologie des migrations
Method of financing FNS IKZ0Z1-123723/1 - Short visit grant
Status Completed
Start of project 1-7-2008
End of project 30-9-2008
Contact Mihaela Nedelcu