Characterization of wheat blast resistance: Using the Swiss Wheat Genbank to contribute to a sustainable solution of a global food security issue
Project responsable Daniel Croll
Abstract For the past decade, a new fungal wheat disease called wheat blast is causing severe yield losses across South America. In March 2016, the disease was introduced to Bangladesh where 15,000 hectares of wheat were affected. The spread across continents made the disease a global concern and demonstrated how international trade can cause severe quarantine issues. In this project, we will systematically screen the Swiss Wheat Genbank for resistance to wheat blast and introduce resistance loci into Swiss wheat cultivars. We will also screen pathogen populations to identify the genetic basis of pathogenicity. In combination, resistant wheat cultivars and pathogen monitoring will prepare Switzerland for a potential outbreak of the disease.
Keywords Agriculture, fungal pathogens, wheat blast, GWAS, evolutionary, genetics, population genomics
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Biologie
Method of financing Office fédéral de l'agriculture
Status Ongoing
Start of project 1-4-2017
End of project 31-3-2021
Overall budget 249'917 CHF
Additional info Co-PIs: Daniel Croll (UNINE), Simon Krattinger (UZH), Bruce McDonald (ETH Zurich)
Contact Daniel Croll