A4-Mesh: Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, and Auditing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Project responsable Peter Kropf
Torsten Braun
Abstract Wireless mesh networks can complement the fixed Internet network by extending wireless network coverage in campus networks or by connecting devices such as sensors or weather / climate monitoring stations deployed in remote areas without high bandwidth network access. Therefore, they are very interesting for different organizations of higher education and research.
To successfully use wireless mesh networks in the area of Swiss higher education, wireless mesh networks have to support authentication, authorization, accounting, and auditing. They must also be seamlessly integrated into the organizationsí authentication and authorization infrastructure. As there are usually multiple concurrent users of the network, the wireless mesh network has to support accounting to enable billing the costs to the different users and to support network management. For a successful operation of a wireless mesh network, inconsistent and erroneous states in the networks have to be detected and resolved. This requires constant auditing of network state and configuration. The auditing function may then trigger alarms or even perform self-healing of the network.
Keywords Wireless Mesh-networks, authentication, authorisation, accounting, auditing,
Project homepage http://https://a4-mesh.unibe.ch
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Informatique
Method of financing SEFRI/SwITCH
Status Completed
Start of project 1-1-2011
End of project 1-7-2012
Overall budget 982'200 (Federal funds UniNE 145'675)
Additional info Collaboration project with University of Berne
Contact Peter Kropf