Users' influence on the performance gap in collective buildings (UserGap)
Project responsable Mehdi Farsi
Team member Benjamin Volland
Sylvain Weber
Project partner Joelle Mastelic
Stéphane Genoud
Francesco Cimmino
Lionel Emery
Deborah Previdoli
Pierryves Padey
Sébastien Lasvaux
Jacques Bony
Blaise Périsset
Ulrich Reiter
Abstract This project develops an innovative approach combining engineering, econometrics and open innovation for decomposing the building's performance gap (BPG). After decomposing the BPG and isolating the role of users, a living lab will test targeted measures to reduce energy consumption. The project will also provide a better calibration of predictive models for the construction of future sustainable neighborhoods.
Keywords Energy Demand, Behavior Change, Consumer Behavior, Energy Efficiency, Energy Investment, Smart Neighborhoods, Open Innovation, Living Lab.
Type of project Applied research project
Research area Energy
Method of financing Swiss Federal Office of Energy
Status Completed
Start of project 1-1-2017
End of project 31-12-2018
Overall budget 183'340 CHF
Contact Sylvain Weber