Tania Zittoun

Name Tania Zittoun
Position Professeure
Institute Institut de psychologie et éducation
Faculty Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Research Project entries (16)
Publications Papers (198)
Research fields Sociocultural psychologist, I am interested in the development and learning of people, all lifelong. How do people create their life trajectories in complex social and cultural worlds? I am interested in how people use, in a unique manner, knowledge, arts and fiction, their life experience and that of others, to define new ways of doing and understsanding. I also explore the role of imagination in human and cultural development.

My fields of expertise are:
- developmental sociocultural psychology, in a semiotic orientation;
- psychosocial perspectives in educational sciences;
- the articulation between psychoanalysis and cultural psychology;
- epistemological and methodological questions related to these disciplines, as well as collaborative and interdisciplinary work that make them possible.

My studies cover the following themes:
- Transitions in the life course, including: preapprenticeship, adolescence and youth, becoming parent, the entry in the nursery home (Leenards project), way in and out of institutional and educational settings, etc.
- Development and learning, all lifelong;
- Trajectories of migration and new mobilities (SNF & NCCR projects);
- Institutional settings suporting the integration of people with disabilities;
- Emotional, symbolic and identity dynamics in learning and thinking; - Uses of fiction, arts, theater and cinema as symbolic resources;
- Uses of religion in everyday life.
Diplomas - MA in arts & social sciences, University of Neuchâtel (Psychology, French Literature, Philosophy)
- PhD in social sciences, University of Neuchâtel
Former positions - Research and teaching assistant, University of Neuchâtel
- Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
- Marie Curie Research Fellow and SNF research fellow at Clark University, the Max Planck Institute (Berlin), the University of Cambridge
- Junior associate professor at the University of Lausanne
Affiliations • Swiss federation of psychologists (FSP), Swiss society of psychologists Fédération Suisse des psychologues (SSP);
• Swiss society for educational research (SSRE);
• European association for research on learning and Instruction (EARLI);
• International society for socio-cultural research (ISCAR);
• International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP).
Additional info - Associate editor of Culture & Psychology http://cap.sagepub.com/
- Member of editorial boards of: Integrative psychological and behavioral sciences http://link.springer.com/journal/volumesAndIssues/12124, and Outlines. Critical practices studies http://ojs.statsbiblioteket.dk/index.php/outlines
- Coordinator of European doctoral newwork of socicocultural psychology (CUPSYNET)
- Member at large of the Executive committee of ISTP
- Cofounder of AGILE, Ages for learning and growth: sociocultural perspectives, an European network funded by the European Association for Learning and Instruction