Kevin Tallec Marston

Nom Kevin Tallec Marston
Fonction Research Fellow
Institut Centre International d’Etude du Sport
Faculté Faculté de droit
Homepage http://https://dmu.academia.edu/KevinTalle...
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8906-8105
Publications Les publications (2)
Domaines de recherche His work has focused on the history of football, youth and the question of age, the place of childhood in society, the evolving role of training and education of youth in and around sport, and the biography of sporting administrators as well as other themes such as memory, legacy, fraternity, diffusion, transnationalism and women.

In parallel, he also has a particular interest in the governance of sport and has published two books on governance relationships within football. He is specifically interested in the historical, political and economic aspects of both European football, including its main governing body UEFA, and the global game and FIFA. He has contributed research for the ongoing FIFA RSTP refom on topics such as Squad sizes in leagues, Quotas for foreign players, Foreign & Multiple-Ownership of clubs, Broadcasting rights, Club Commercial and Sponsorship, Overdue Payables, and Agent regulation.
Diplômes Doctorat en histoire
CAS en Droit du Sport
Master - International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport - The FIFA Master
Bachelor - Langue & Littérature française
Affiliations International Centre for Sport History and Culture, De Montfort University (UK)
Autre information Langues dans lesquelles il a enseigné : Anglais, Français, Italien