Edward Mitchell

Name Edward Mitchell
Position Professeur ordinaire
Institute Institut de biologie
Faculty Faculty of Science
Homepage http://www2.unine.ch/biolsol/page-6099.html
Research Project entries (4)
Publications Papers (121)
Research fields Diversity, taxonomy, biogeography, and ecology of testate amoebae in soils and wetlands
Comparative community ecology of plants, invertebrates and soil microorganisms - Studies of ecological gradients, perturbations, impacts of global change and ecosystem restoration.
Diplomas MSc (Diplôme) - Université de Neuchâtel - 1995
PhD - Université de Neuchâtel - 2001
Former positions 2006-2009 : Research Group Leader & Senior Scientist WSL, Wetlands Research Group
2004-2006: Scientific Collaborator, Invited Professor, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL)
2001-2004 : Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science, University of Alaska, Anchorage, U.S.A.
Affiliations ISTAR - International Society of Testate Amoeba Researcher (founding member)
ISOP - International Society of Protistologists - ISOP
SWS - Society of Wetland Scientists SWS (life member)
INTECOL - International Association for Ecology
IMCG - International Mire Conservation Group - IMCG
DGP - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Protozoologie - DGP
BGS / SSP - Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft der Schweiz / Société Suisse de Pédologie BGS/SSP
GET - Groupe d'Etude des Tourbières - GET
Additional info Editorial Board Member
- Soil Organisms
- European Journal of Soil Biology