Constance de Saint Laurent

Nom Constance de Saint Laurent
Fonction Ancienne collaboratrice
Institut Institut de psychologie et éducation
Faculté Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines
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This page is no longer updated. All my publications at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Constance_De_Saint-Laurent

I am a cultural and social psychologist working on collective memory and reconstructive remembering. I am especially interested in how individuals develop critical perspectives on national myths.

My other interests and projects include: reflexivity and perspective taking in representing refugees (in collaboration with Vlad Glaveanu, Aalborg University), the development of imagination and autobiographical memory in adolescents and young adults (in collaboration with Tania Zittoun, UniNE), the links between collective memory and national identity, and the construction of collective futures (in collaboration with Sandra Obradovic, LSE, and Kevin Carriere, Georgetown University).
Diplômes PhD in Social Sciences, University of Neuchâtel, CH.
Msc in Social and Cultural Psychology, London School of Economics, UK.
Licence de Psychologie, Université Catholique l'Ouest, France.
Autre information Senior editor for Europe's Journal of Psychology (EJOP)
Member of the editorial board of Psychology & Society