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Libra is the institutional database of the University of Neuchâtel for open access scientific publications
The University of Neuchâtel adheres to the objectives of the Berlin Declaration on free access to knowledge in exact sciences, sciences of life, human and social sciences. It supports and encourages the principle of free access to the publications of its members, in order to serve the transfer of knowledge and technology as well as to maximize the effects of the research carried out within it.
In this context, it makes available to its researchers the Libra institutional database, intended for the deposit and the widest possible dissemination of the scientific production of members of the UniNE community.
UniNE researchers are making available a free version of their scientific publications with a bibliographic notice. If possible legal constraints do not allow free access, only the bibliographic record is accessible.

Recently uploaded books:
Stephen R. Anderson & Louis De Saussure (Eds.)

This volume presents two works elaborating a general theory of words and their struc- ture written by René de Saussure, younger brother of Ferdinand de Saussure. Although originating in René de Saussure’s concerns for the structure of Esperanto, these essays are clearly intended to articulate a general account ...

Prenant le vocabulaire des couleurs comme fil rouge et parfois comme prétexte, cet essai à l’écriture libérée du jargon habituel des spécialistes invite à une réflexion contemporaine sur un ensemble de thèmes relatifs au langage, à la catégorisation du monde et aux ressorts complexes de la communication ...
Flora Di Donato, Elodie Garros, Anne Lavanchy , Pascal Mahon & Tania Zittoun