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Libra is the institutional database of the University of Neuchâtel for open access scientific publications
The University of Neuchâtel adheres to the objectives of the Berlin Declaration on free access to knowledge in exact sciences, sciences of life, human and social sciences. It supports and encourages the principle of free access to the publications of its members, in order to serve the transfer of knowledge and technology as well as to maximize the effects of the research carried out within it.
In this context, it makes available to its researchers the Libra institutional database, intended for the deposit and the widest possible dissemination of the scientific production of members of the UniNE community.
UniNE researchers are making available a free version of their scientific publications with a bibliographic notice. If possible legal constraints do not allow free access, only the bibliographic record is accessible.

Recently uploaded books:
Olivier Massin & Kevin Mulligan

Penser, entendre, juger, sentir, savoir, préférer, aimer, souhaiter, observer, remarquer, être conscient, prendre plaisir, vouloir, se souvenir... Pour atteindre une connaissance scienti􏰁que de ces actes mentaux, nous devons pratiquer ce qui, aux yeux Brentano, constitue l’activité philo- sophique ...
Emma Depledge, John Garrison & Marisa Nicosia (Eds.)

This volume consists of fourteen original essays that showcase the latest thinking about John Milton's emergence as a popular and canonical author. Contributors consider how Milton positioned himself in relation to the book trade, contemporaneous thinkers, and intellectual movements, as well as how his ...

Shakespeare's rise to prominence was by no means inevitable. While he was popular in his lifetime, the number of new editions and revivals of his plays declined over the following decades. Emma Depledge uses the methodologies of book and theatre history to provide a re-assessment of the reputation and ...