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The Publications & Research portal presents the scientific contributions of the faculty and the staff of the University of Neuchâtel. It gives access to all publications, communications and the descriptions of the research projects of the University. As an institutional database, the portal also provides free-access to fulltext versions.

Recently uploaded books:
Tania Zittoun & Vlad Petre Glaveanu

Imagination allows individuals and groups to think beyond the here-and-now, to envisage alternatives, to create parallel worlds, and to mentally travel through time. Imagination is both extremely personal (for example, people imagine unique futures for themselves) and deeply social, as our imagination is fed ...
Christian Mazza & Michel Benaim

Stochastic Dynamics for Systems Biology is one of the first books to provide a systematic study of the many stochastic models used in systems biology. The book shows how the mathematical models are used as technical tools for simulating biological processes and how the models lead to conceptual insights on the ...